Legal scope of seasonal contracts of lease – Brief explanation

Seasonal Lease: The status of lease other than that of homes shall be given to leases of urban properties on a seasonal basis, be this in summer or any other (article 3 Act 29/1994 on Urban Leases (Tenancy Act) –"LAU"-).

Legal Framework: Seasonal Lease, as a lease other than that of a home, it is governed by the will of the parties, and failing that by the terms of the LAU, and by the subsidiary provisions of the Civil Code.

Special provisions: Notwithstanding the foregoing, certain terms of the LAU shall be applied on a mandatory basis to Seasonal Leases, specifically as follows:
· Scope of the law: subject to the LAU as lease other than as a home.
· Deposit: On entering into the contract, it will be obligatory to demand and to provide a cash deposit of a sum equivalent to one part of the rent on the lease of homes, and two on lease for use other than residential.
· Formalisation of the lease: in writing.
· Judicial proceedings.