Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands, and although it belongs to Spain, the islands have their own culture and local traditions - each month offers something different.

Home to Mount Teide, the tallest mountain in Spain, one cannot visit the island without noticing this dominant peak which is visible from almost every coastal point on the island. During the winter months, this peak turns white when it becomes snow capped showing its height and dominance. 

February enjoys the famous Carnival of Santa Cruz - the most important carnival in Europe and second most important in the world (second only of course to Rio de Janeiro). Hundreds of thousands of people dress up and take to the streets to dance and celebrate life.

Spring enjoys a vast change in the countryside, fauna and flowers come out and the barren land turns into a carpet of colour. The almond trees in particular are not to be missed and every year locals enjoy a drive into the mountains to marvel at their beauty.

The summer months offer the local village fiestas and romarias. If you want to enjoy a Canarian holiday here in Tenerife and witness all the traditions of this wonderful island then these festivals and parades are not to be missed!